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e.g. for B2C companies, international brands and e-commerce businesses.

Key features of our e-commerce & consumer brands solutions

  • 360º customer overview over offline (store) and online data in one solution
  • Personalized newsletter with dynamic content (additional real-time and predictive)
  • Cross-channel customer journeys from a to z
  • Online store and shop integration
  • Cash-register integration and loyalty card management
  • Mobile marketing, location based marketing, app-integration
  • Social channel integration, social and display advertising
  • Web personalization and predictive content on websites and emails
  • Customer communities on the same platform
  • Complete overview with flexible reports and dashboards

To date, hardly any other sector has been changed as profoundly by the digital revolution as e-commerce. Online shops, mobile apps, location based services, predictive intelligence, social media presences and social service centers shape modern retail companies.

Cross-channel marketing based on offline- and online-channels is already reality in many B2C companies. An advantage if you have access to an innovative platform with which new functionalities can be realised easily.

With the Marketing Cloud you can implement your automised Customer Journey over channels and departments.


Many of our customers face the same, typical challenges in this sector, e.g.

  • More organic web visitors drawn by content
  • Measurability and ROI for marketing
  • Different marketing and CRM systems
  • Need for online shop integration
  • 360º customer overview not possible
  • Customers not recognisable at POS


Successful projects

We have implemented numerous end-to-end solutions in many successful projects, including

  • Touchpoint strategies, customer journey development
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing resource management and clienteling
  • offline cash-register and online-shop integration
  • Web personalization and recommendation engines
  • POS customer recognition and customer loyalty programme
  • Database and system architecture
  • Marketing reporting and analytics
  • Introducing CRM and the relevant training and operation


Solution & products

Salesforce CRM platform

Classic introduction of a Salesforce CRM system focusing on sales and field service management.

Salesforce CRM (ServiceCloud)

Introducing case/ticket recording, management and escalation for levels 1+2 and level 3 (development) support.

email marketing

Introducing email newsletters and email marketing with marketing automation and personalised communications

Multi-channel campaign management

Central management of cross-media campaigns, e.g. email, mobile, social and Internet, using a central database and recording responses for segmentation and creating profiles.

factory42 retail template

CRM for B2C and e-commerce companies connected to online shop and ERP.

Integrating Salesforce/ERP.

Connecting an external content management system (partner portal) and SAP system for Salesforce process integration.

All products and solutions are fully integrated in the Salesforce CRM platform and are to be administered as native apps directly within Salesforce.

Wherever it makes sense, we use standard products from various suppliers on the Salesforce1 platform so as to minimise the outlay involved. Any specific requirements are then met in Salesforce and in the apps by means of customisation and, if necessary, also programming (APEX, VisualForce). You benefit from being able to implement your requirements both flexibly and immediately and not having to rely on product manufacturers’ roadmaps.

Let’s talk – it’s more than likely we’ve encountered similar challenges before and have already applied a solution... 

For e-commerce businesses and international brands in the B2C sector.



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Your sector expert

Dr. Michaela Hamori-Satzinger

Managing Director


Dr. Michaela Hamori-Satzinger has accumulated extensive experience in trade, e-commerce and consumer goods from consultancy and strategic projects in purchasing, marketing, service and sales. Her main role at factory42 lies in defining and implementing integrated data-driven marketing and service processes and cross-channel customer journeys on the Salesforce platform.

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