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  • User and administrator training for marketing automation and lead management

Marketing automation reduces marketing costs, for sure. But there are also other reasons that make marketing automation and lead management absolutely crucial for marketing success both today and in the future.

Gathering leads at the top of the funnel

Lead Generation

Marketing automation simplifies and optimises lead management. In order to manage leads, you need to get to know them well so you can make active and relevant contact with them. In the same way a shopkeeper studies his potential customers and enquires what they are looking for, you also need to study the ’passing trade’ on your website from the outset.

Staying in touch with buyers


Ideally, these days, you should start off by obtaining an email address and an opt-in for each customer. This enables you to stay in touch with potential buyers and focus your communications with them. Then, the aim is to gather more information (progressive profiling) and to automatically fine-tune your communications to reflect the lead’s behaviour and profile (interests and persona-driven lead nurturing). The earlier you make contact with a lead, the sooner you can actually ’lead’ it.

Automatic filtering


Nothing can take the place of a one-on-one conversation – particularly when it comes to products that require explanation and long purchase lifecycles. Marketing automation cannot replace this, but it can simplify the process and focus your sales talks by automatically filtering your leads. Thus one way in which lead management increases the quality of leads is by ensuring they are quickly given relevant, role-appropriate information. This technique also reduces your personnel outlay, as a large part of the filtering is performed by means of progressive profiling, so only the really promising leads are forwarded to sales.

Marketing becomes measurable


It really is possible to measure the success of marketing. Marketing automation can help you to trace the success of individual campaigns or lead nurturing processes quite accurately. The ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) can be broken down into individual measures in the process. This not only serves as a quality control for the assets you or your agency have created, but also allows you to evaluate and optimise the design language and processes.

Sales Intelligence


The faster you can provide customers with an answer to their enquiries, the more successful you will be. An MIT report examining the prospects for success of a follow-up phone call in response to an online enquiry found that a single hour’s delay reduces the chance of success by a factor of ten. Make sure you are always aware of how your leads and customers are interacting with your website and emails, and make good use of real-time sales alerts. Boost your sales efficiency and contact the leads with the greatest sales potential first. Distinguish between valuable and less valuable leads using CRM-integrated facilities such as lead scoring (weighted activities index) and lead grading (correlation with target customer profile).

Social marketing


Your leads and customers are active in social networks. Share your content on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. Gather your leads’ profile information from social media. Spread your content further by adding social media ’share’ buttons to your emails, blog posts, white papers and website. Observe which leads and customers interact with your social media content.

Perfect lead nurturing and marketing automation with the aid of our factory42 experts. We can advise you on the best tools and help you develop integrated marketing and sales processes. Strategy, implementation, staff training and best practice support for your lead nurturing campaigns – all from a single source. Simply get in touch!


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