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Here’s what we offer:

  • We improve operative excellence in marketing, sales and service
  • We devise the optimum approach to suit each customer’s situation
  • We develop marketing and sales strategies and anchor them operatively in processes
  • Experienced sector-specific experts with expertise in Cloud technology
  • Strategic IT architecture advice

factory42 are the consultants to operationalise your sales and marketing strategy. Our sector-specific experience and technological expertise enable us to help our customers design and implement operative excellence in marketing, sales and service. We use Salesforce CRM, state-of-the-art Cloud technology and fast-use solutions to give our customers excellent added value. 

We analyse our customers’ situation before calculating the business benefit with them and drawing up the roadmap for introducing CRM or optimising existing processes and customer interactions.

Marketing automation

Nowadays, segment-specific “customer journeys” make it possible to feed customers information based on their behaviour (triggers) or automatically at set times without the need for intensive manual selection or campaigns. Would you like to increase your number of leads for acquiring new customers? Our inbound marketing solution can help you achieve this, and we will be happy to work together with you to design a suitable solution for your company.

Sales efficiency

The sales team and sales managers possess all the relevant information and facilities for their work in CRM. They can plan their tasks, prioritise their customers and sales opportunities, or manage their sales pipeline. Linking together contextually relevant information in CRM establishes a 360° customer overview. This integrated customer overview enables you to offer new and existing customers the optimum care and ensures the completion of contracts.

Improve your customer service


Quick and competent customer service provides a vastly superior experience and can have a major effect on customer satisfaction. To achieve this, your service team needs to have all the key customer information clearly displayed and to hand. Good customer service is a valuable lever for boosting customer loyalty and thus selling additional products or services, extending contracts or securing repeat sales.

Do you have to manage tasks like these? The experts at factory42 understand the challenges that many sectors face and can develop just the right solution for you, too. Simply get in touch!



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Managing Director

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Manager Marketing Cloud Consulting


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