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Here’s what we offer:

  • Analysis of your cross-channel marketing status
  • Requirement workshops
  • Consulting and definition of your 1-to-1 customer journey
  • Tailored features, customised to your needs
  • Consulting and implementation of customer cycle concepts
  • Implementation of your customer journey
  • Case development
  • Assistance to conduct campaigns
  • Administration and operation of your marketing systems
  • User and admin training for managing the platform
  • or: Managed Services and System Support

Customer Journey Driven Marketing

The relevance of 1-to-1 cross-channel digital marketing is constantly growing, and with it the importance of individual customer journeys.

As channels become more diverse, the possibilities for interactions with your brand and your products increase. It is therefore vital first to identify touchpoints and analyse your customers’ behaviour, and then to craft relevant communications to positively influence them. This unique, personalised customer journey is crucial to a successful marketing strategy.

We can help you plan, personalise and optimise your 1-to-1 customer journey and enable you to guide your customers through their special journey with your brand.

Deliver the right messages at the right time and provide information that's especially tailored to customers' needs. Communicate with them in real time and combine interactions across channels and devices.

With integrated data and data-driven intelligence from a single interface, you'll gain a better understanding of your customers and be able proactively to deliver relevant communication in real time.

email marketing

In the world of e-commerce, emails are the core tool of communication. They are the foundation for personal 1-to-1 relationships throughout your customer journey and help you connect during various interaction phases. Our expertise can support you in the execution of all sorts of campaigns – from basic email marketing to sophisticated, complex Predictive Intelligence and decisioning.


The success of any marketing campaign depends ultimately on the mobile usability of its content. You could call it a ‘mobile-first mind set’ approach. Individual and personalised content needs to be accessible on all your customers’ devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Social media is much more than just a channel to publish a post on a fan site. Harness social conversations across your marketing, customer service and sales organisations. Listen, analyse, publish and engage with your customers on a 1-to-1 basis in real time. This provides excellent possibilities to optimise your corporate identity and distribute content.

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The website remains key in the customer journey. This is often the first touchpoint with your brand so it's important to create dynamic, responsive webpages containing personalised content. Tracking is also vital, offering the chance to gather real-time data about customers’ preferences and shopping habits on one central platform.

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Salesforce activities & integration Sales- & ServiceCloud

Integrating the MarketingCloud with the Salesforce CRM enables your company to carry out comprehensive digital transformation of customer data. Your company will be able to consolidate customer profiles from all existing information on one central platform, personalise contacts and create comprehensive, optimised interactions with all your customers. Accessible across divisions, this data can be used by Marketing, Sales and Services, online shops and retail stores.

With the MarketingCloud, you're able to pool all channel-related content in one place so that everything is accessible. You can create a consistent, convincing brand appearance and implement an optimised customer journey.

These are some of the brands which have successfully implemented and executed the MarketingCloud:


W&V    Atomic CrytekGroupon VicampoMiet SkiOlymp 

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