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e.g. for manufacturers and system houses in the high-tech and software sector Key features of our high-tech sector solutions

Key features of our high-tech & solftware solutions

  • 360º customer overview from the initial contact to outstanding invoices
  • Optimised quotations and tracking, including via partners
  • Partner management of distributors and system houses
  • Sales advice and coaching for successful introduction of CRM
  • Lead generation and development, optimum collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Operation/outsourcing of lead generation, if desired
  • Integration in your ERP system (SAP, Navision, etc.)
  • Full financial overview with flexible reports and dashboards

Today, smooth collaboration between effective marketing and the sales team delivers a significant competitive advantage. It’s not just about winning new customers, but also about looking after first-time customers and turning them into regulars or even key accounts when it comes to future viability in this rapidly changing market.

It certainly helps to have a uniform innovations platform you can rely on to quickly harness new functions and competitive advantages – from marketing and sales to project management, support and of course meaningful reporting.


Many of our customers face the same, typical challenges in this sector, e.g.

  • Rapid technological developments
  • Innovation and knowledge management in teams
  • Measurability and ROI for marketing
  • Collaboration between marketing and sales
  • Multi-level sales via partners
  • Field service management using mobile end devices
  • Visit reports and follow-ups


Successful projects

We have implemented numerous end-to-end solutions in many successful projects, including

  • Introducing CRM and the relevant training and operation
  • Lead generation / marketing automation
  • Quotation management
  • Fully automated price list production and distribution for distributors and resellers
  • Process outsourcing, lead generation and marketing automation
  • Project management with time and travel expense logging incl. proof of service delivered
  • Invoice generation and input to DATEV or ERP systems


Solutions and products

Salesforce CRM platform

Classic introduction of a Salesforce CRM system focusing on sales and field service management.

Lead Generation (Inbound Marketing)

Lead generation using content and systematic development of potential customers.

email marketing

Introducing email newsletters and email marketing with marketing automation and personalised communications

Salesforce CRM (ServiceCloud)

Introducing case/ticket recording, management and escalation for levels 1+2 and level 3 (development) support.

Integrating Salesforce/ERP.

Connecting an external content management system (partner portal) and SAP system to Salesforce process integration.

All products and solutions are fully integrated in the Salesforce CRM platform and are to be administered as native apps directly within Salesforce.

Wherever it makes sense, we use standard products from various suppliers on the Salesforce1 platform so as to minimise the outlay involved. Any specific requirements are then covered in Salesforce and in the apps using customisation and, if necessary, also programming (APEX, VisualForce).

Let’s talk – it’s more than likely we’ve encountered similar challenges before and have already applied a solution...

Industry solutions | High-Tech & Software

for manufacturers and system house of the High-Tech industry.



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Your sector expert

Michael G. Frohn

Managing Director


Michael G. Frohn has more than 20 years’ experience in the high-tech and IT sector, for instance as the general manager of F5 Networks, in sales and product marketing at 3Com and in technical account management at what is now Dimension Data.

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