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  • Workshops with your marketing and sales team to create the optimum processes
  • We incorporate your external partners in your CRM processes, e.g. telemarketing agencies
  • Technical set-up of your solution
  • Administration of your CRM system
While the acquisition process produces a relatively large pool of interested parties, as generated and developed by marketing activities, the number of concrete sales is very much smaller. This ratio can be optimised.

Lead management forms a key element of customer relationship management (CRM) and is inextricably linked with it. New customer acquisition is generally a more complex and protracted process than cross-selling or up-selling. This is partly because multiple organisational units, primarily marketing and sales, are involved in the lead management process.

marketing and sales – hand in hand


Lead management will prove successful if marketing and sales work together closely and a holistic process is pursued throughout the organisation, supported by a CRM system. Careful filtering at the top of the funnel, e.g. using telemarketing and/or marketing automation, checks the relevance and quality of potential buyers. Potential purchase interest can be divided into ’hot’ (promising) and ’cold’ (less promising) leads.


pursuing hot leads

Hot Lead

Marketing and sales determine together whether a lead is ’hot’, i.e. when the sales probability is particularly high, and this lead can then be re-classified as a sales opportunity and passed on to the sales team.

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