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    Social Media includes not only official company channels but all channels your customers use to talk about you.

    It's therefore important to analyse conversations from different sources across the globe. See what consumers are saying about your brand, your products and your competitors. Learn which topics are of interest to them and where the most important conversations are happening. This information is of great value for your marketing strategy.

    Coordinating your own channels can also be complex, particularly if various accounts and teams are involved, all using different content and tools. Comprehensive monitoring is inevitable.
    Furthermore, in social media you shouldn't rely on organic reach alone. Properly promoted, online advertising is a highly effective way to increase visibility, to expand the customer journey and improve your business results. 

    The MarketingCloud means you can optimise, automate and measure all your actions – from organic interaction to paid advertising. Using one central platform, you'll drive all your campaigns.

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