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    Customer interaction is becoming more and more mobile. Messaging features like sms / mms grow constantly more important. These features present various options to create more touch points. Send real-time alerts or deliver transactional notifications to your customers – no matter where they are located.

    Mobile apps are also an indispensable part of every successful marketing strategy. Customers use dozens of apps, competing for their attention. Targeted push notifications can help to increase engagement with you and drive mobile commerce.

    Especially in the mobile sector you will find considerably more opportunities to speak to your customers. Utilizing geolocation technology is one of them. With pre-defined triggers you interact with your customers at the right time AND the right place. This makes it easy to intensify communication when your customers are within a targeted geographical range.

    Behind every device is a customer. Connected devices lead to an intersection between the digital and physical world. React to your customers’ actions in real time, with the right message in the right context – online and offline.

    Planning your customer journey you need to do so cross-channel. In order to insure smooth execution, these processes should be automated as far as possible.

    We show you how to set all this up with the MarketingCloud making processes run smoothly and all of your actions scalable.

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